How to Clear Twitter Search History in Android & PC?

If you are looking for a precise guide on How to clear Twitter search history in Android and PC, then you are in the correct place. In this article, we will discuss step by step on how you can easily clear the search history in Twitter.

Privacy is the most important factor in any of the applications. Some of the apps have drowned worse due to privacy and security issues. Social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc are spending billions of dollars to improve their privacy functionalities and security features.

delete twitter search history

All the social media accounts provide you an option to delete your search history. If you want to maintain the privacy of your search, then you can easily delete the search history by following few options. Here in this article, we will let you know how you can Delete Search History on Twitter in Android and PC.

How to Delete Search History on Android?

Twitter, a micro-blogging platform, has come up with a lot of new features for improved privacy and security. One of such option is to clear the data of whatever search terms we’ve used on Twitter. So, let’s start our guide on how to delete this search history on Android smartphones.

  • Step 1: Open Twitter application on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 2: Now on the intro screen of the app, choose the search icon. Refer to the below image for reference.

clear twitter search history

  • Step 3: Tap on the Search Twitter text. Now you should be able to see all the terms you have searched on Twitter (as shown in the box below). Select and hold for a few seconds on the search keyword you want to delete from the history.

delete search history on twitter

  • Step 4: You will now be prompted with ‘Clear Keyword from the history‘. Click on the clear option to delete it permanently from your twitter search history.

delete full history in twitter

Voila! You have just deleted the terms you’ve searched for, on Twitter account. This is a simple and straight-forward process. If you don’t use twitter on the android smartphone, you can use the Twitter website to delete the search history.

Delete Twitter search history on Web:

  • Step 1: Open your laptop and go to the Twitter website.
  • Step 2: Log in to the account with your account credentials.
  • Step 3: Find the Search Twitter option on the right portion of the website. Click on it.

search twitter

  • Step 4: Once you click on that text, you can see all the search queries you’ve requested on Twitter.

delete search terms twitter

  • Step 5: Choose the one you want to delete and click on the X mark.

If you want to clear all the search terms at once, click on the Clear All option on the website. With this, you can just delete the search history on the Twitter account.

Note: One thing to note is, searched history is not synced across the devices. If you have searched for something on your Android mobile, the same thing will not appear on Web platform and vice-versa. So, delete the history on whatever the platform you’ve browsed on.


Deleting search history is one of the common practices to protect privacy. If you don’t want anyone else to know what you have searched for, all the social media platforms provide you an option to delete the search history. In this article, we have listed down two simple methods to Delete the Search History on Android and Web platforms.

If you still have any queries regarding the same, let us know through the comments. We will be glad to help you out.

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