FedEx Future Delivery Requested – How to Solve?

So, you’re getting the issue of ‘FedEx future delivery requested‘ for your package delivery? If you are getting this issue for your upcoming order, and want to know the details regarding this issue, go through this complete guide, I am sure you would understand the reasons behind this message and how to solve it.

FedEx is one of the leading courier service providers in the United States. And if our order is incorrect or delivery gets delayed, we are not pleased with the service providers.

While shipping carriers make every effort possible to make sure they deliver your product on time. In many instances, the ability to deliver your package becomes out of control. It happens, that’s life, after all.

There are many reasons for this to happen with a logistics company. Still, before discussing the exact cause, let’s get to the point that what is “FedEx future delivery requested” issue.

FedEx Future Delivery Requested status

What is a “FedEx delivery exception future delivery requested“?

A delivery exception is when the order and package are temporarily stalled in transit for technical or logistics issues. That affects the delivery date to arrive.

So, in simple words, you don’t have to worry about your package and wonder why it isn’t arriving, future delivery requested means that there is just going to be a little delay due to inconvenience held for the delivery team.

Don’t be nervous regarding the delivery.

The status would be like this.

11:42 AM NEW YORK, NY Delivery Exception’ future delivery requested’.

Top common causes of delivery exception future delivery requested status:

There are many causes for this message of “FedEx delivery exception future delivery requested,” but these are the top general issues that most users face; you can always contact the customer service to get more details regarding the matter.

  • Bad weather:

During extreme weather and natural disaster, calamities like earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc

  • Custom delays: 

International shipping comes with its challenges. Packages are often held at customs for many reasons longer than expected, which eventually leads to missing the delivery dates.

  • Damaged missing labels:

If the shipping label on the package gets damaged and the shipping address doesn’t get scanned when arrived, it may be delayed.

Similarly, if the order contains an incorrect address, then it gets into the delivery exception.

  • Sometimes the sender may ask to hold the order.
  • Courier drivers met with come casualties like an accident while transferring packages.
  • FedEx may hold your package until an additional package is processed to your location so that they can deliver all at once.


As I have mentioned above, first of all, there are not many things to do in your hand.

Companies like FedEx are famous courier service companies, and they deliver more than a million orders per day.

Please don’t be worried about the order, it may take some time, but it will still be delivered safely. If you have any issues, you can contact FedEx customer care.

There is no such solution for you to try out if you get the ‘FedEx future delivery requested’ prompt in your tracking details.

In most cases, even with a similar issue of ‘future delivery expected,’ the product gets delivered to many of them in the given delivery date. Still, it might also delay for a couple of dates.


Finally, if I have to conclude for this issue, some delivery exceptions can be prevented, but many are unavoidable, due to the reasons you have seen above. General causalities happen everywhere, I know that you’re excited about your package to deliver you soon, and you’re eagerly waiting for it.

Don’t think too much about the parcel; now, you have understood the reason behind your delay, and you would probably get your product delivered to you soon.

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