How to Find Someone on Instagram Using Phone Number?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps with millions of active users all across the world. It is the simple way to capture, edit and share the stunning pics with the beloved ones. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to search an Instagram profile by phone number? In this blog post, we will let you know how to find someone on Instagram by phone number.

How to find someone account on Instagram with Phone number

According to the official Instagram stats, 1 Billion people use this platform every month and over 500 million Insta stories are being published each and every day. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram has been evolving constantly since it’s acquisition to Facebook.

It’s really hard to find a person on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. You can find hundreds of people with the same name. Unless you know the particular details it’s a tough task to search a person on Instagram. Now let’s see how to get this job done in different possible methods.

What are all the ways to search for an account on Instagram?

One of the simplest methods to find an account on Instagram is to type the name in the search bar and voila you’ll get plenty of suggestions matching with that name. If you have the username of the account, there it’s pretty easy to find out the account. But that’s not the case if you don’t have their username.

Yet another way to find or search someone on Instagram is through their mobile number. Most of the social media apps allow you to connect to your friends on their apps if you have their contact saved on your phone. You may notice this whenever you open the LinkedIn app and you’ll be asked to connect with your friends based on contact numbers.

These apps require you to allow read the contacts on your mobile phone in order to process and fetch your friend’s account on respective social media apps.

Similarly, Instagram also allows you to search for an Instagram account with a phone number. So go through the steps mentioned below and start finding your loved one’s account on the billion popular social media platform.

Search Instagram with Phone number

Gone are those days where you will be asked to enter email and password to login to an application account. Few of the popular applications have only mobile applications. Most of them switched to the mobile-first approach where you need to enter the mobile phone number and OTP you receive to the number.

Instagram also popular on mobile platforms only. So most of the people should have linked the mobile number with their account. So without much ado, let’s jump into the step by step guide on Instagram lookup by phone number.

  • Step 1: As a pre-requisite, the person’s phone number should be saved on your contacts. If you haven’t done yet, save it now.
  • Step 2: Now open the Instagram app on your mobile and tap on the ‘Profile’ icon located at the bottom right of the screen. (Refer to the below image)

search instagram with mobile number

  • Step 3: Once you are on the profile page, tap on the three vertical lines at the top right corner of the screen.

search instagram profile with mobile number

  • Step 4:  Next click on Settings option at the bottom of the screen.

instagram profile find by phone

  • Step 5: You can find all the account settings related to your profile. Click on Account Button now.

instagram account find by phone

  • Step 6: On your account page, click on contacts Syncing option field.

search insta account by mobile number

  • Step 7: Now Enable Connect Contacts Option by just dragging or swiping the button.

contacts sync in instagram

  • Step 8: Now go back and click on discover people option.

instagram search people with phone number

  • Step 9: Now you will find the Instagram profile linked to that required account.

It is that simple. You can find anyone’s Instagram account with their mobile number by following the above-mentioned steps. We can access all the profiles or accounts of the users on our contacts list at the fingertips with this method.

Note: You can find only the people who linked their mobile number to the Instagram account with this method. If they have not tagged their phone number, then this searching account by phone number will not work. You have to go with the alternative options in that case.

What happens when you sync contacts with Instagram?

Once you enable the contact sync option to find and follow the people in your contact list, an Instagram application can access your contact list.

These contacts on your mobile device’s contact list will be periodically crawled by the Instagram servers and stores this data in their servers securely. This helps them to keep updated if there are any new contacts added to the list.

If you don’t want Instagram to access the contact list, you can always navigate to the contacts syncing option and disable the feature.

New contacts will be uploaded till you stop contact syncing. You will have a provision to delete all the contacts saved with Instagram anytime.


One of the prime reasons for social media evolution is the concept of connecting people. Earlier days, when there were only a few people using Instagram or any other social media platform, it was very easy to find people using their names.

But this is not the case anymore. There are hundreds and even thousands of profiles with the same name. You can just scroll through each and every profile to find out the one whom you want to connect with. So Instagram gives you an easy option to search for a person and connect with them using a phone number.

We have provided a step-wise guide to find an Instagram account with a mobile number. But if you don’t have a mobile number, then there is no other option than checking each and every profile one by one.

With this, we are concluding this article on Can someone find my Instagram by phone number or Instagram search by phone number. If you have queries or suggestions regarding this, just comment the same in the comment box below. We will strive our best to resolve it. Cheers!


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