How to Change the Margins in Google Docs?

Google Docs has become one of the daily usage tool used for many purposes. We use it to maintain documents, make quick notes, or to write some content. Changing the margins in Google Docs to meet our document requirements is one of the important things and That’s exactly what we cover in this detailed blog post.

Documents are supposed to occupy all the vacant space while printed, and like many other web-based word processors in google docs, there is an option to set margins in google docs and alter the text flow to meet your needs.

When you print documents or create a new document through google docs, there are default margins at the top, bottom, right, and the left, wherein the default settings you will find one-inch margins. We’ll now see how do we change these default 1-inch margins to whatever the margin width required for us.

In google’s free word processing platform google docs, there is so much more than just the content where it allows you to perform settings and has a handy slider that helps you adjust your margins. You can use it through any browser and use its features to manage online documents.

Margins are unused space around documents, and these separate the area from the edges of the text while you print or save it in your papers and keep your text colliding with the edges of the document. And you never would want to look your copy ugly or keep everything very close to each other.

This is where you need to know How to change the margins in google docs. Accurate spacing or the margins makes your document look aesthetic and enhances the usefulness of any word processing. Today in this blog, I will show you two effortless ways to make your regular document look classy by following simple steps about adjusting margins in google docs.

How to Change Margins In Google Docs:

Two steps can help you set your margins in a google doc; you can decide which one to go with since they are effortless to apply on a google doc.

Change the margin page using a ruler for individual paragraphs.

First, if you want to change the individual paragraph margins, you need to open google doc processor in your browser. As you open the doc file and by clicking on the paragraph you’re looking to edit, you would see a ruler at the top of the page beneath the menu bar, which is also used to set the margins.

change margins in Google Docs

For some, you may not see the ruler bar as shown in the picture; for them, you can click on View and then Show Ruler to get the ruler bar’s display.

To change the google docs margin, take your cursor over the top of the triangle looking icon and click on the triangle/rectangle looking icon on the top left of the Ruler; as you click on it, you will see a vertical blue line appearing.

It would be best if you dragged inwards or outwards depending on how you want the margins to look; make sure you slide the whole rectangle/triangle together and not separately, resulting in affecting the paragraph and not the margin. You can also see the values of the size of margins in inches at the top of the triangle that can help you get the same margins next time you save a document.

In the top right, you will see a down-facing triangle. To change the right side’s margin, click onto the triangle and drag the grey margin area to adjust the margin’s size for the right side.

Changing Google Docs Margin for the entire page:

If you need to change the entire page’s margin, you have two options for doing it. First, you should select the whole document by holding Ctrl + A to do it quickly or selecting the entire document using the cursor. As the whole text is being selected, follow the same steps as explained in the above section.

Just move the triangle towards left or right, depending on the margin you’re trying to achieve for the screen.

To edit the top and bottom margins, you should click on the Ruler and take the cursor to the area where it changes from Gray to white. And apply the same process you have gone through for left and right margins, drag the margins to their new value and repeat the same approach to its bottom margin.

As the whole process gets completed, you should see the updated margins for your complete document.

Changing Margins in Google Docs using Page setup:

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to get involved in all those dragging of margins, though it’s elementary and anyone can understand the pages, you can get the same result with page setup.

This can also help someone working on the same project, where you know the margin details already where you can use google docs margins values to start directly. For example, if you need one a half-inch margin. Follow the steps below.

As you open the google doc processor, click on the File tab in the top left corner and choose Page Setup. 

Inside page setup, you will find many options for the orientations, paper size, and measurement like top, bottom, left, and right.

Enter the measurement values in the margin(inches) column and click Ok to apply the margin changes.

Suppose you want to save the document file’s measurement sizes and continue to align with other projects. It becomes convenient if you know your margin details. And follow the same for the rest of the document writings, you can click on File in the Menu on the top and click on Page Setup.

Enter measurements for the page in the Margin(inches) column, and this time instead of clicking on Ok, click on Set as Default. And click, Ok.

You can verify your margin details by clicking on File>Page Setup to confirm the default measurements you have selected every time you start with the new doc file.

Adjust Margins in Google Doc Mobile.

If you use google doc on mobile, you can change the margin working on your mobile. Still, if you’re an Android user, this won’t work with the google doc’s android version, but if you’re an iPhone user, you can get ahead with the steps explained below, and here’s how you change margins in iPhone for google docs.

Open google docs on your iPhone and click on the three dots in the top right, and access to Menu inside it.

Inside Menu, click on Page Setup just below the word count.

Inside margins, you will get a couple of options like Orientation, Paper Size, and Margins. Click on Margins.

Inside margins, you have inbuilt options like Narrow, which is 0.5-inch margins on all four sides, default, 1-inch margin for all four sides, wide one inch on top and bottom, and two-inch margins on the side, etc. You can click on these options if it satisfies your need or if you want to have your customized doc file, you can click on Custom and apply the values in inches to get your desired file.

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