How to See Old Deleted Instagram Photos?

Most of the people love to capture and share their beautiful moments on social networking sites in the form of pictures and videos. People are creating life-time memories by doing so. What if you accidentally deleted your memorable Instagram posts? Then, how to see deleted Instagram posts?

Do not worry. I know how much they mean to you. So, I am are here to help you to share my ideas on, how to recover old deleted Instagram photos.


Who does not love Instagram’s unique features and awesome filters? Of course, everyone does. That is why Instagram is one of the most popular among the social networking sites and specifically the second most popular social network among teenagers.

How to recover deleted Instagram Photos:

In this article, I am going to share with you a few tips to recover accidentally deleted posts.

First, let us try to do the job without any third party sites or apps.

Please follow the below methods to recover your deleted Instagram posts.

1. Check in the Gallery of Your Mobile Device

If your priority is recovering only the photos, then I strongly recommend checking in the Gallery of your mobile device.

Because your mobile device will automatically save a copy of every photo in your photo gallery, before uploading them on Instagram.

It will 100% work for you, until unless you deleted Instagram photos from your mobile too.

For Android Devices:

If you are using an Android device, then please check your “File Manager” and “Phone’s Gallery“.

Mostly the location of Instagram photos as follows

  1. Phone Memory
  2. Pictures Folder
  3. Instagram Folder

The location might vary depends on Devices. In that case, please thoroughly check the gallery.

For iPhone Devices:

In the iPhone devices, if you delete any of the images then it will be stored in the “Recently Deleted” folder and it will be there for almost 30 days.

Now,  I will share the details of how to find the “Recently Deleted” in the iPhone device.

  • Click on Photos and then go to the Albums folder.

deleted instagram photos recover

  • Scroll down till you find the “Recently Deleted” folder in Albums.
  • Now, you can choose the photo that you want to recover.

see old deleted instagram photos

Again, no need to panic, if you can not find your photos on your local device. I am going to share with you the Second method of recovering the post from the Instagram app itself.

2. Check Instagram Archive Feature for Old Instagram Posts

Instagram does not have any official feature to recover old deleted Instagram posts like the recycle bin. But still, you can use the Instagram app and rely on to see old Instagram photos by using the Archive option.

The Instagram Archive feature saves your photos for a limited period. To check them please follow the below process.

  • Tap on the Profile icon and then Three line icon.
  • Click on Archive where you will find two options. Stories archive and Posts archive.

Instagram - How to recover deleted photos and posts

  • Now select the category you want to recover either “Story Archive” or “Post Archive“.
  • If you select “Post Archive“, then you can see all archived posts.
  • Click on the post that you want to recover. You will find two options. “Show on profile” and “Delete“.

old instagram photos

  • If you click on “Show on profile” then it will reflect in your timeline with existing likes and comments. Isn’t it COOL…?!?
  • If you click on the “Delete” option then it will permanently be deleted from Instagram. BEWARE OF THIS…!!!

Do not lose your hope, even then if you, unfortunately, deleted photos from your gallery and not archived in Instagram, you still got decent chances to recover the item from Google Photos and iCloud Storage and I am about to brief you on the Third method of recovering from Google Photos and iCloud Storage.

3. Google Photos and iCloud Storage

If you had enabled the “Back up & sync” feature of Google Photos in your Android device or turn on the “iCloud Back up” feature of iCloud Storage in your iPhone device then there is a great chance that you can find your pics on Google Photos or in iCloud Storage, which has been deleted from the Instagram app.

I would like to provide some useful pieces of information on Google Photos and iCloud Storage for you. I hope it will be helpful for you in one way or another.

Google Photos: Here are the details of the “Back up photos & videos” feature from Google’s official site.

iCloud Storage: Here are the details of “What iCloud back up does?” from Apple’s official site.


I know how much those memories mean to you and that is why you are here. So, I have spent a good time for writing this awesome article and come up with the most reliable methods to recover the old deleted from Instagram without lending hands from any third party software or sites.

NOTE: If you want to use any third-party software, try it at your own risk. My reader’s privacy and security are of paramount importance to me. That is why I have not included them.

I hope you find this article helpful. If so, please share and let your friends know these helpful tips.

Thank you…!!!