Download and Install 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows PC

The 3d pinball space cadet was one of the built-in games that most of all have enjoyed while we were using Windows XP or other previous Windows versions before that, together with Minesweeper and solitaire. And if you have come across this blog, then I’m sure you know how crazy space cadet pinball used to be in those days.

However, as new OS arrived after Windows XP, Microsoft decided to remove the 3d pinball space cadet game from the later version of windows. They observed some technical issues on Windows Vista, for which I will be discussing more in the 3d pinball space in the coming section of the blog.

But if you are here to know how you can get the Space cadet pinball game install in your Windows 10 or any other windows operating system you are using in 2020, it is possible to get it again. And many people are searching for ways you can get the game also in 2020. In this blog, I will share two ways you can download 3d pinball space cadet. If you’re looking for something similar and want to live to those nostalgia moments, keep reading the blog till the end.

3d pinball space cadet for windows was digitally released in 1995 as a part of Microsoft plus upgrade package for windows 95; it was later included in Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and XP for the 32bit operating system. And after Windows XP, it disappeared forever.

Why was space cadet pinball dropped in Windows Vista?

As the Microsoft engineer Raymond Chen explained in 2012.

“The 64-bit version of Pinball had many bugs where the ball would pass through other objects like it’s a ghost. In general, he said we couldn’t figure out the real issue, and why the collision detector was not working, when you used to start the game, the ball used to get delivered to the launcher and slowly used to fall towards the bottom of the screen and get through the plunger and from there out from the bottom of the table. Games were prone to be short. He later added that he and his team tried to debug the program to determine the problem and figure out the issue. Still, given all the information since someone outside the company wrote the code to several years earlier, nobody in Microsoft ever understood. And that’s the reason most of the code was wholly uncommented and wasn’t able to change anything, he wrote.

You can read the whole article here.

How to Download 3D Pinball – Space Cadet on Windows PC?

Download 3D Pinball Space Cadet for PC – Method 1:

The first method is very straightforward.

To download space cadet pinball, click on the link given below.

  • The link will redirect you to the setup of the space cadet pinball game, with the name 3d_pinball_for_windows_space_cadet.exe 
  • When the download is done, double click on the setup to run the application.
  • Then install it in the location you want the game files to be saved, or else leave it as default so that it shows up in the games section as it used to be in the older versions of windows where it used to be pre-bundled.

That’s all you have to do, and you will get a shortcut key for the game on your desktop; if you haven’t got it, you can search in your start section, and you will find it under recently added as shown below.

Launch the game and enjoy it. Make sure you turn off the sound before opening the game if you’re on your workspace.

Here I have downloaded the Windows 10 operating system; it works fine with all the windows 7 and 8 operating systems with the same process as discussed above.

And this setup works fine with 32-bit and 64-bit operating system, I have tried in 64 bit, and it works great.

Download 3D Pinball Space Cadet for PC – Method 2:

This is for someone who is facing issues with the first method, and if the first method doesn’t work, try this method of reverse compatibility; this should work in all the windows operating systems in 2020.

Many users complain about third-party sites and don’t want to use those applications to install the game; for them, Microsoft offers a free download for windows XP mode, which was initially intended to provide reverse compatibility to Windows 7 users. And fortunately, 3d pinball space cadet files are right inside, and we can easily access those files in windows 10 in 2020.

If you’re facing issues installing the game through method 1, you can follow the steps I have provided below to get the game back on your windows pc.

  • Firstly, download windows XP mode from Microsoft.
  • Click on the download shown in a red box.

  • Select WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe and click on next to download the file.

  • Download it on the desktop just so that you see the file extension.

If you have downloaded it on another folder, click on the view tab on the top and check the “files name extensions” and ensure that you see the extension file name.

  • Change the extension file name from “.exe” to “.zip.”

To open this file, you should have 7zip or WinRAR or any other file extracting software.

  • Click on the zip file and head to “sources.”
  • Under sources open “XPM.”

  • After clicking on XPM inside the achieve, you will find a file called “VirtualXPVHD,” which is a full Windows XP installation virtual hard drive.

  • After opening the archive, you will find all the files in a way you used to see in older versions of windows like XP, 2000, etc.
  • Then click on program files, then in Windows NT, and find the same Pinball file you used to play in earlier days.

  • Drag the “Pinball” file on the desktop and enjoy the game with all the memories in your Windows 10 system.

Method 2 is likely to be worked in most of the system since its something from the official Microsoft website, though for me, method 1 worked perfectly. If you face any issue with the direct app installation, you can go with Method 2 of reverse compatibility.

That’s all from the how to install 3d pinball space cadet in 2021; let us know your highest score in the comment section.

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