How to Split Fare on Uber App?

Uber, one of the first and most popular ride service hailing app, has changed the way we commute. You don’t need to have a car or you don’t need to know how to drive to explore your beautiful city. Just book a cab on Uber and it takes care of all your commute needs. Uber has come up with some of the stunning features and way ahead of the game in ride sharing or commute services. One such feature Uber has unveiled recently is split fare on Uber ride.

With the newest version of the Uber app, you can divide the fare with your friends. This option is made available only for certain Uber ride options. Like, you can’t use a split fare option if you’ve booked an Uber POOL ride. There are a few other limitations imposed as well. We will let you know all those constraints and How to use Uber split Fare option?

split fare on uber

Uber has over 100 million customers worldwide. It occupies 67% of market share in ride-sharing. It is so popular that even other companies starting calling their services like Uber for X.

So without much ado, let’s start our step by step guide on Uber split fare feature.

Split Fare with Friends on Uber Ride:

  • Step 1: Open Uber app on your smartphone and request for a ride.
  • Step 2: Once the driver accepts the request and the ride is confirmed, just scroll down a bit and you will get Riding with someone? – split fare option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3: Enter the mobile numbers or names of all your friends who are accompanying the ride.
  • Step 4: All the entered mobile numbers will get a notification regarding the split fare. Once the riders accept this notification and have a valid payment method on Uber application, the fare price will be split.

It is that simple.  Note that this fare will be split equally among all the riders you add for the split. Even if your friend starts the ride in the middle of your ride, they will get a price split of equal amount as yours. If the fellow riders didn’t add a valid payment method or didn’t accept your invitation notification to split the price, you will be charged with your portion of the split and theirs as well.

Also, to use this fare split among your friends, everyone will be charged with Rs.5 extra as a split fare fee. You can see all the split fare amounts charged in the receipt at the end of the trip.


You can only request for the split fare while the ride is in progress. Once the trip is over, You can’t request a split on Uber. Also, this feature is not yet included in the Uber Lite app.

Split Fare option will not be available if you choose Apple Pay as your payment method. So, select any other payment mode for this split trip and from the next ride, you can change the preferred payment method to Apple Pay.

If you have applied any promotional offers on your Uber ride, a fare discount will be applied to your split part only. Rest other riders have to pay the full amount while you can avail of the discounted fare split.


Gone are those days where you book a cab and hesitate to ask your friends to split the price for that ride. You can skip the cash divide hassles and pay directly via the Uber app itself. So use this split fare option and enjoy the uber ride with your buddies. If you don’t see this split price option on your Uber mobile, just update it to the latest version.

I hope we have provided your the detailed information on How to book an uber with split fare with friends. If you still have any further queries, let us know through the comments below. We will be glad to help you.

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